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  • The Artisan Easter Treasure Hunt
    Find our Secret Flowers & the Golden Egg to Win Great Prizes this Easter
    Happy Hunting!
  • Chicken Coop
    You won’t go hungry this Easter
    with all the eggs in this Chicken Coop.
  • Shady Bunnies
    They’re cool and ready to take
    on the world this Easter.
  • The Bear Necessities
    Salted Caramel
    Chocolate coated honeycomb
    Worth staying awake for
  • Cannon Malts
    Partisan artisan arithmetic
    One, two and one for me
    Crunchy lavish cannon malts

Artisan Coups de Coeur

  • Come to the Darkness

    Chocolate is not called Food of the Gods mistakenly and is chemically speaking the (almost) perfect food.

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    Come to the Darkness
  • Out of this World Gingers

    Imagine you went into space and were allowed one food on board to self-indulge. What would you choose?

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    Out of this World Gingers
  • Alice in Chocolate Land

    At Artisan du Chocolat we like to think of ourselves as artists who use chocolate as a delicious medium of expression.

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    Alice in Chocolate Land
  • Milk Chocolate revolution

    The revolution for fine cocoa has spawned dark chocolate snobs whilst milk chocolate has taken a kneecapping at the hands of those who view it as an ersatz of real chocolate.

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    Milk Chocolate revolution
  • Be a salted caramel Goddess

    Nigella Lawson's love of salted caramel is heady and passionate. We at Artisan du Chocolat have to take a small amount of responsibility for it.

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    Be a salted caramel Goddess
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