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Morsels, titbits, nosh, grub, bites, goodies, nibbles, however we call it, we all love seriously good chocolate to snack, munch, crunch and chomp nonchalantly.

  1. Cracking Biscuit Cracker

    Once upon a Christmas, there was a band of merry chocolatiers who grew disenchanted with crackers filled with bad jokes, paper hats and dull chocolates. They rallied the elves of our atelier and concocted one stuffed with nothing but mixed chocolate coated biscuits including salted caramel, fig and oat, chili and chocolate, ginger and sultana, vanilla and walnut. They cracked up with merriment from their cracking cracker. Learn More
  2. Musical Munchies Tin

    A keepsake tin for serious salted caramel inspired munching: chocolate coated salted caramel honeycomb, chocolate coated salted caramelised popcorn and chocolate coated salted caramel biccies. Crunch, munch, and dunk to your palate content to the tune of Holy Night. Learn More
  3. Decorative milk nibbles

    Set your Christmas table in style with your decorative boxes filled with milk chocolate coated gingerbread lemon peel and salted pistachios smothered in creamy chocolate. The decorations on each end of the box can be hung on your tree once the chocolates have disappeared, which should not take long. Learn More
  4. Decorative dark nibbles

    Perfect for a sophisticated Christmas table or as stocking fillers, this charming box is filled with dark chocolate coated cocoa nibs and orangettes. The decorations either side of the box are recycled as tree ornaments long after the chocolates have been devoured. Learn More
  5. Coins

    All that shines is not gold. Indeed chocolate coins dazzle but taste like cardboard. Our milk chocolate coins are made with our finest milk chocolate and taste as yummy as they look. Ideal for treasure hunts and stockings.

    Learn More
  6. Cannon Malts

    Light and crispy cereal malted balls shielded in a thick armour of creamy milk chocolate, our cannon malts are better suited to a good natter than a plan to conquer the world. Learn More
  7. UFOs

    UFOs shaped milk chocolate studded with space dust giving you an extra (terrestrial) surprise when savoured slowly. Our fun and tasty UFOS have flown off the shelves since we launched them. Learn More
  8. Salted Caramel Honeycomb

    Judging by the plethora of names for this confection, honeycomb is a popular and traditional treat. We tweaked ours by adding a pinch of sea salt to balance sweetness and engulfing it in fine milk and dark chocolate. Learn More

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  9. Chocolate Salted Caramel Biscuits

    A box of eight individually wrapped crumbly, toffee-sweet, slightly saline, milk or dark chocolate-rich biscuits. These mouth-watering biccies come with a serious warning risk of obsessive dunking. Learn More
  10. Monster Lolly

    A big treat for your little monsters. Watch them polish these off at alien speed. Learn More